20V Fast Intelligent Charger

  • Brand : Ingco
  • Model : FCLI2001
  • Category: Power Tools Accessories - Battery & Chargers
110V-240V wide voltage design, you don't need to worry about voltage stability and flexibly use in countries with different voltage standard
You can expect a 2.0Ah battery to charge in 1H, a 4.0Ah battery to charge in 2H
A LED indicator helps you know the battery status conveniently. Green flash, battery in charging. Always Green, battery fully charged. Red flash, battery overheating. Always Red, battery broken
No memory effect so batteries can be charged before they are fully discharged
Battery protection design protects the battery from damages due to over discharge, high temperature or overload
The trickle charging technology makes it possible for Ingco lithium-ion battery to be reactivated from over discharge

5.750 KD

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